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Put yer sea legs on

Don’t we all feel bad for those folks who get seasick? Because it’s funny, we get a little queasy when we’re on land for too long. Enough of this land-locked life—let’s get out on the water, yeah? Our boat’s a-floatin’, our tide is right where it needs to be; all that we’re missing is you. We hope you’re ready for adventure! Use the booking tool below to pick a date, choose a launch port, even set your minimum/maximum price-per-person. All of is this is carefully designed to make sure that you get exactly what you want. If you’d rather browse some pre-imagined boating packages, check out our tour options below. And hey, if you’d rather just get in touch and figure it all out together, just reach out.

A Boat, Beer and a Bonfire

$85 + HST

Let's take a sunset tour. Once we're back on dry land, how 'bout a bonfire...

Let's Do It

Sky and Sea Tour

$50 + HST

A two-hour scenic tour starting at Salmon Cove and out along a majestic stone beach,...

Let's Do It

The Lobster One

$200 + HST

Ever wanted to experience lobster fishing? Now you can! This season, we're offering just that....

Let's Do It

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Maybe you’re looking for something specific? Or perhaps you need help choosing? We’re here to help! And we want to make sure that you get the best possible boating day ever. Contact us to let us know what we can do to serve ya! We do custom tours too, and we’ve hosted everything from marriage proposals to weddings-at-sea. Get in touch. Let’s find something amazing just for you.


your pride

Here’s a fun story: you were wearing your Sober Island Boat Tours shirt once when someone stopped you and asked “oh man, nice shirt! Where’d you get that?” and you got to tell them all about the awesome day that you had out on the water with us, and then you treated yourself to ice cream. but the whole thing can’t happen if you don’t start by getting a shirt! To recap: if there’s no Sober Island Boat Tours t-shirt, there’s no fun story & no ice cream reward. And that’s no good. Ask about our shirts when you visit!

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